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Great for skin

Bought this because my husband was having problems with his eyes. I decided to take it for my eyes also, but I saw a dramatic improvement of my face. I had previously lost a lot of weight and so I have a lot of wrinkles on my face.


AMAZING relief!

This is an amazing product...I used it years ago due to a severe ankle injury which caused me grief and continued use of Advil didn’t seem to give relief. Twenty+ years later I had surgery to repair the injury and I went right to Baxyl knowing this would aid my healing!

Tim S. Lewis

My new best friend!

I decided to try this and took only 1/2 teaspoon and within a few hours noticed my knees didn't hurt! Yeah, that fast for me. I have tried just about everything with mixed results and none providing lasting results. Baxyl is my new best friend! Amazing joint relief.

Girl Wonder

Hydrating Face Mist Spray

This Hyaluronic Acid and cucumber facial mist compliments the company’s hyaluronic acid moisturizer flawlessly and helps hydrate your skin. I pump two or three sprays at least once throughout the day to instantly refresh and cool your facial skin. Good product!


Very refreshing!

love this brand and this hydrating facial mist toner smells like fresh cucumbers and makes your face feel good, I even use it as a setting spray sometimes very light weight mist and great value


Using this for years with my dogs

Recommended by our holistic vet when my older girl started showing some joint discomfort several years. Seems to have made a difference as she is doing well. Certainly doesn’t hurt so I’m not changing a thing.


Vet Recommended

Years ago my vet recommended Trixyn for my dog. I've been using it without fail for at least 6 years. My 16 year old chihuahua goes on daily walks with me and she doesn't seem to have any joint problems, knock on wood.